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Jim Hooper - Bloodsong

Along with giving excellent accounts of the fighting that took place from the perspectives of the men on the ground and in the air wing, Bloodsong also shows the side of a foreign internal defense/unconventional-warfare mission that special operations personnel will truly appreciate.

Whatever EO employees may have been fighting for—be it money, adventure, excitement, love of the job or resentment of UNITA—the stories of bravery, audacity, innovation and fighting for the man next to you are truly universal.

Bloodsong is highly recommended as a well-detailed account of the realities of a modern private army operating in a brutal guerrilla war.

—Special Warfare Magazine

Bloodsong is the first-hand account of the private military company Executive Outcomes in Sierra Leone and Angola, where twenty-one of its employees were killed in the vicious fighting to capture the diamond mines at Cafunfo. Using Russian BMP-2 armoured vehicles supported by EO-flown Mi-17 helicopters, PC-7 light attack aircraft and MiG-23 fighter-bombers, a handful of former special forces operators succeeded where thousands of government soldiers and Easy-bloc advisors had failed against Unita’s seasoned troops. Told by senior ground and air officers, Bloodsong reveals how and why the company became a legend in the annals of professional soldiering.

[Bloodsong is] a compelling narrative of the successes, trials, and tribulations of the most famous – or infamous – private military company of the 1990s.

—Christopher Spearin, Centre for International and Security Studies, York University, Toronto

Bloodsong lifts the lid superbly on the murky and misunderstood world of the private army.


A compelling view of warfare.


Do not pick up this volume in the evening if you have to make muster in the morning – you will not put it down.

—Don MacLean, SOF Magazine

Jim Hooper, an American author and journalist…and a veteran of the armed conflicts in Southern Africa, was invited and allowed into the inner sanctum of EO. In Bloodsong! First-hand Accounts of a Modern Private Army in Action the combatants themselves recount the exploits of EO graphically. Bloodsong is well written and researched and Hooper reveals a compassionate insight in the driving force behind all those involved. The narrative is sober and according to an EO-leader "as close to the truth as possible".

—Bernie Ley, Amazon.com


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