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Jim Hooper - Koevoet!

[Koevoet] is in a class of its own as a very well-written and illustrated military history. This book is for those interested in warfare, African macro-politics — or those looking for a very exciting read. Be warned, though, that sections of the book and some of the photographs are not for the faint-hearted.

—SA Financial Mail

Journalist Jim Hooper took time to be accepted by this elite group. When they learned to trust him, he gained a unique insight into the bush war. He writes openly and movingly of the hot pursuits, the “contacts”, the kills the failures and the successes. He tells of seeing men—who had become part of his life—suddenly wasted by a piece of shrapnel, a bullet, a landmine, a “strim” rocket. He describes how, wounded himself, he watched as a comrade’s fight for life finally ended with the heart monitor straightlining.

—The Star

[Koevoet]…a sympathetic book…[is] written by an American journalist who was given the unprecedented facility of living and patrolling with the unit for more than six months. The author, Jim Hooper, describing them as “hunter-killer teams”, says of Koevoet: “They very much fit the mould and psychological profile of other elite special warfare units…extremely aggressive and thriving on adrenaline highs. The fact is most of the love and need the constant stimulation of combat…”

—David Beresford, The Guardian

When American journalist Jim Hooper, was first given permission to accompany Koevoet on operations in the bushwar, nothing had prepared him for the vicous guerilla war raging in the dense bush of northern S.W.A/Namibia and Angola, for the bloody tactics used by both sides, for seeing new-found friends die next to him. Courage, desperation, comradeship, exhilaration, horror, all are here in one riveting package, told in eminently readable style by a master storyteller.

—Marc Pienaar, Amazon.com

Mr. Hooper's description of his time with Koevoet is both exciting and in-depth in his examination of the people conducting counter-insurgency against the communist supported SWAPO. A good, fast read that can allow the reader a chance to expand their knowledge of what atrocities were committed by forces in the name of "global Marxism." Balance this work with recently released histories on American work against communism.


Some parts of this took me back so completely that I could even smell the fear, sweat, diesel and guns. Adrenaline levels depleted- I'll leave it at that

—Skoums, Amazon.com


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